Will a Samsung Galaxy S22 phone case fit a Samsung Galaxy S23

Will a Samsung Galaxy S22 Phone Case Fit a Samsung Galaxy S23?

It's difficult to say for certain without knowing the specific dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S23, as it has not been released yet (as of my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021). However, in general, phone cases are designed to fit specific phone models based on their dimensions and button and port placements.

If the Samsung Galaxy S23 has similar dimensions and button and port placements to the Samsung Galaxy S22, it's possible that a Samsung Galaxy S22 phone case could fit the S23. However, if there are significant differences in the size or design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 compared to the Samsung Galaxy S22, then the Samsung Galaxy S22 case may not fit properly or may not provide adequate protection for the Samsung Galaxy S23.

Once the Samsung Galaxy S23 is released and its exact dimensions and design are known, it would be best to check with the case manufacturer or retailer to see if the S22 case is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S23 or if a specific case designed for the Samsung Galaxy S23 is necessary.

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